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Kay Olmstead
Sep 7

May 17

the reports....What can we do? We don't want to cancel the meeting, but three tri reports and evaluations need time to be looked at...thank you
Akane Takijiri
Oct 15, 2018

My son behaves okay in his class, but has hard time in after school. Coaches in the after school are young and not credentialed/ trained like his teacher is. They don't know what to do with my son.
Jul 18, 2018

My 6 year old child has ASD and apraxia. The district wants to change his IEP from individual speech therapy to group, as the district speech therapist said this will still address his needs. Shou
Jul 13, 2018

I would like to get my daughter's IEP revised. Her annual IEP isn't until December, but I don't feel we can wait until then. What should I do?
Maria N Ochoa
Sep 7

Akane Takijiri
Apr 8

Question 1: My son has had one day in-school suspension because he bit his classmate. I requested school record and I don't see the suspension. What does that mean? Question 2: My son was suspended fo
Oct 15, 2018

Hello- My son has an IEP in August. I have heard from a friend that I can record the meeting. How do I do that? Should I?
Jul 18, 2018

My daughter has ADHD and a learning disability. She is in the 10th grade, and has not been doing well in school. They are talking about moving her from the graduation track to a certificate program.
Akane Takijiri
Sep 7

1) I know that schools have to respond to Parents' IEP requests within 15 days, but is there a legal timeline like that for 504 plan request? 2) Can anyone here recommend a good advocate and an attorn
Akane Takijiri
Dec 3, 2018

I e-mailed my son's school principal on August 9th 2018 requesting IEP assessment for my son. She has not said a word to me. My son's class room teacher told me that she needs to talk to the teacher f
Akane Takijiri
Aug 25, 2018

How do I get an advocate? I live in San Fernando Valley - Northridge.  
Jul 18, 2018

I don't have many of my daughter's school records. Should I request a copy of her entire school file before her upcoming IEP? What should I look for in preparation for the meeting?
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