May 11

Hi IEP tri is this Tuesday for all three of our children...We requested all evaluations and reports a week ahead. We have received half of


the reports....What can we do? We don't want to cancel the meeting, but three tri reports and evaluations need time to be looked at...thank you

May 16


Section 300.613(a) of the IDEA regulations require a public agency to comply with a parent request to inspect and review existing education records, including an evaluation report, without unnecessary delay and before any meeting regarding an IEP, and in no case more than 45 days after the request has been made.

The IDEA also mandates that parents have the information they need to participate meaningfully in IEP Team meetings, which includes reviewing their child’s records. 

Send the district a written request notifying them that you need the reports asap so you can meaningfully participate in the upcoming IEP meetings.

You may consider a request for a short continuance of the meeting, if you don’t receive the reports on time. If you decide to proceed with the existing IEP date and don’t have enough time to review the reports, remember that you can document this at the IEP and have the meeting continued to give you the time necessary to be prepared.

Benjamin Nelson, advocate

IEP Solution

May 17

thank you! State Ed code also has a provision for it...California at least....

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