Akane Takijiri
Sep 5

I have 2 questions

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1) I know that schools have to respond to Parents' IEP requests within 15 days, but is there a legal timeline like that for 504 plan request?


2) Can anyone here recommend a good advocate and an attorney in Los Angeles County? The attorney I had for due processing was not helpful. I would like to be helped by another professional next time. I would appreciate any lead.

Allan Roth
Sep 7

1- Your first premise is incorrect. If you are requesting an assessment, then the district must provide an eval plan or PWN within 15 days. If you are requesting an IEP meeting to review something, the district has 30 days to hold a meeting. There is no legal time line for Sec 504 but there is a matter of reasonableness (approximately the same guidelines as for an IEP).


2) Lori Waldinger is the best I know in LA County.


Allan Roth


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