Akane Takijiri
Aug 25, 2018

I recently requested IEP for my son. Does IEP apply for Youth Development Program- after school through LAUSD?


My son behaves okay in his class, but has hard time in after school. Coaches in the after school are young and not credentialed/ trained like his teacher is. They don't know what to do with my son.

Allan Roth
Oct 2, 2018



An IEP does not have any force/weight in an after school program, even if they are using space on the public school campus.


That said, your son may qualify for a Section 504 Plan in regard to the after school program. In which case, they would need to provide appropriate and reasonable accommodations that do not have a significant financial impact on the program.


It sounds like the after school staff need some training. Perhaps the staff working with your son during the day would be willing to meet with the after school staff and share what works; or hold an IEP meeting and invite the after school staff to come and hear what works.


Allan Roth, Consultant

Alliance Resources and Associates, Inc.

Akane Takijiri
Oct 15, 2018

Thank you so so much for this information. Can my son have IEP and Section 504 plan at the same time?

Allan Roth
Oct 15, 2018Edited: Oct 15, 2018



A Sec 504 is an accommodation plan only and is subsumed in the IEP.


For the after school program, your son can have a separate Sec 504 plan at the same time he has an active IEP in school.


Allan Roth, Consultant

Alliance Resources and Assoc., Inc.

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