Jul 10, 2018

IEP revised

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I would like to get my daughter's IEP revised. Her annual IEP isn't until December, but I don't feel we can wait until then. What should I do?

Allan Roth
Jul 13, 2018

You should submit a written request for an IEP meeting stating the purpose, to the Case Manager. I suggest doing this via email and sending a CC to yourself. The copy that comes back from the Internet, is your verification that it was sent. Note, the district/site has 30 calendar days maximum in which to hold that IEP meeting; excluding vacations longer than 5 school days (e.g. Summer days don't count.).


At that meeting, you can discuss your concerns. We suggest you use a digital recorder and tape record all IEP meetings, in case things are not properly noted in the IEP documents. To do so, you must give at least 24 hours notice of your 'intent' to tape record the meeting. This is not a request you are making, just a short clear statement with no reason needed.


Good luck fixing your daughter's IEP.


Allan Roth, Alliance Resources and Associates, Inc.

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