Jul 6, 2018

School records

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I don't have many of my daughter's school records. Should I request a copy of her entire school file before her upcoming IEP? What should I look for in preparation for the meeting?

Allan Roth
Jul 18, 2018

Our office believes all parents should have a copy of the complete set of school records (ideally digitally) and in chronological order (birth on top, today on the bottom; essentially telling a story of your child's life). The files should be tabbed for quick reference.


As to what to look for, you will want to have reviewed the goals and objectives. Make sure you have/get a copy of the goal progress reports from the past year; they should have been sent to you each time your child received a report card. Our office suggests you ask ahead of time for the service providers to give you a copy of all data charts and work samples that are being used to determine if a goal has been met.


We also suggest parents tape record all IEP meetings. You should have a digital recorder with fresh batteries. And, you must give at least 24 hours notice of "your intent to tape record the meeting" (notice you are not asking, you are stating). Too many things are said in a meeting that are not written down and sometimes things are complicated so it is nice to be able to review the meeting.


Allan Roth, Alliance Resources and Associates, Inc.

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