Jul 8, 2018

speech therapy

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My 6 year old child has ASD and apraxia. The district wants to change his IEP from individual speech therapy to group, as the district speech therapist said this will still address his needs. Should I agree to this change?

Allan Roth
Jul 18, 2018

Without seeing actual scores and knowing more, it is tough to answer whether individual or group therapy is best. However, typically, the district has the right to try their way first, unless there is compelling data to show why their request is not justified.


I suggest you agree to a one month trial and hold a follow up meeting to look at data to see if your child is making the same rate of growth as they did with the individual services. If you child is being successful then you can agree to make the change more permanent. If your child is falling behind, then the trial ends and you go back to individual therapy. Be sure this is written into the Team Notes, so it is clear as to what will happen based upon the data.


If you are doing private therapy on the side, you will want to stop that during the trial period or you will not have clean data.

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