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Marie Rodolfo
Nov 8

My son has Expressive and Receptive Language delay. This means he has difficulty understanding what is said to him, and he has difficulty saying what is on his mind. He has had speech therapy since
Sep 7

Kay Olmstead
Jan 16

Karen Seale
Aug 5, 2018

Next year my daughter will be going to public school (middle school) after being homeschooled for 3 years. I want to make sure that she has a push-in rather than a push-out (is that the right termino
Jul 25, 2018

My child is two and gets Regional Center services. He will turn two in November. What is the process for getting an IEP through the school district?
Jul 21, 2018

My son is in the 5th grade and has ADHD. He is on a 504 plan, but I think he may need an IEP as he is not doing well in school. What is the difference between the two? How do I get the IEP process
Jul 12, 2018

My child's triennial is coming up. I believe she may have dyslexia. Are there any tests that I should request to see if she has this problem?
Sep 7

Hi, we are expats in Europe and will be back to San Diego in a couple of months. Our child has severe cerebral palsy. Which schools can she go to? What are the financial benefits? What are the process
May 25

I need to know my sons educational rights. He is currently 3 years (almost 4) old, with an IEP in a mild/mod program through BUSD. He has SPD, OT concerns, speech delay and potential ADHD. Next year,
Nov 7, 2018

My daughter is hard of hearing and is in the third grade. last year the previous School exited her out of her IEP for speech however left her as the primary of art of hearing. They opened her up a 504
Aug 2, 2018

I am in the process of getting an IEE. The district has given me list of evaluators. Do I have the choose someone from their list?
Jul 25, 2018

Wondering how to get a 1 x 1 aide for my daughter who has daily living needs such as toileting. There is an aide for the classroom, but not 1 x 1 for my daughter specifically.
Jul 18, 2018

My son had a difficult year this past year with behaviors. I would like to get something in place for him next year to help him. I have heard of a behavior plan, and I am thinking he may need one.
Kay Olmstead
Sep 7

Apr 8

If a child has a BII in his/her IEP does that automatically mean that they will receive a trained BI?
Sep 29, 2018

Aug 2, 2018

My son is diagnosed dyslexic, and it didn't appear that the school he attends offered any real services for dyslexia. They offered to "modify" his work (have him do less- have him do speech to text)-
Jul 23, 2018

My 7 year old son  has speech articulation problems with sounds that should be developed according to charts I've seen online.  His teacher says she can understand him and his speech is not affected
Jul 13, 2018

I'm wondering about ESY services which were mentioned at my child's recent IEP. What are they and can I get them for my child?
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