Akane Takijiri
Aug 25, 2018

How do I deal with rude school staff?


One of the coaches at my son's after school threatened me and my son that if he keeps being defiant, he will be suspended from the after school program. I feel so angry when a school staff is incompetent and don't know what to do, but wants to make my son at fault. I don't like people who are on a power trip. I keep getting the message that my son has to be neurotypical to go to school. I had a client with high functioning autism who told me "People at school never accepted me, but I was being best me." Is school a safe place for kids with neurodevelopmental disorders? I don't know whom to trust anymore.

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  • jennyrdlas
    Jul 25, 2018

    I am seeking a referral for an optometrist in the Glendale area, who is experienced with kids with special needs.
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