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Avoiding IEP Pitfalls

Crystal Sanford,

Advocate, Speech Language Pathologist

This webinar will discuss how to avoid the following pitfalls so you can get the most for your child in the IEP process: 

  • Pitfall #1- Too friendly.  How to remain cordial yet professional with all IEP team members

  • Pitfall #2- Too assertive.  How being viewed as a "bully" by your IEP may backfire.

  • Pitfall #3- Too emotional.  Strategies for maintaining composure during the IEP process 

  • Pitfall #4- "Best" vs. "Appropriate."  How to achieve the most for your child while using the legal standard "appropriate." 

Now On Demand!

This webinar will be presented live on Thursday, August 28, 2020 from

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Registration is required.  Please send an email to to register.


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 School's Open!

Masks, Accommodations,

Services & Compensatory Education  

In this webinar, Special Education Attorney Thomas Nelson and Special Education Advocate Yoshi Bauer will share information on the most critical issues as schools re-open including:

  • Mask requirements and other accommodations

  • Appropriate services in the classroom setting 

  • Learning loss & compensatory education